Zwentendorf as a magnet: film teams, conferences, events and thousands of visitors

Zwentendorf provides a hands-on journey through the history of nuclear energy and the plant itself. It is certainly a captivating and intriguing place – as thousands of visitors have confirmed in the last few years.

Guided NPP tours

EVN has been offering free guided tours through the nuclear power plant every Friday since 2010: while the morning is always reserved for schools and universities, the popular afternoon tours are open to everyone. Moreover, interested visitors or groups may also arrange additional tours. More than 7,000 visitors have been inside the power plant every year. Find more information on our guided tours and how to register here.

Zwentendorf on film

An inactive nuclear power plant with more than 1,000 rooms, technical equipment and no radiation: of course artists draw inspiration from Zwentendorf. The NPP not only hosted fashion shows and music videos but was also the shooting location for feature films: both the German TV film “Restrisiko” and the French-Austrian motion picture “RZ2 – Grand Central” were produced at the nuclear power plant along the Danube.

Find more information on the NPP as a film set here.

The NPP for celebrations

From a conference to music festivals and corporate events: Zwentendorf has been the location of many great ideas, celebrations and festivities. Please contact us to find out more about how to organise your next event inside a radiation-free nuclear power plant.

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